Writing Those New Year's Resolutions? Add ‘Join an IAB Europe Committee’ to the List

After a relaxing Christmas break, it’s time to consider what the new year has to offer. 2022 could be the […]

After a relaxing Christmas break, it’s time to consider what the new year has to offer. 2022 could be the year to make a difference and have your say, so why not make joining an IAB Europe Committee one of your new year’s resolutions!

IAB Europe’s Committees and Task Forces produced a whole host of insightful and impactful outputs in 2021. We talked about trust and transparency, CTV, in-game advertising, digital audio advertising, and so much more. In 2022 we plan to continue this fantastic work and tackle even more pressing issues such as sustainability & corporate responsibility, disinformation, and post third-party cookie world preparation.

Being a part of an IAB Europe committee gives you the unparalleled opportunity to expand your knowledge and network, and provide valuable education and guidance to the wider community. It allows you to stay up to date on the latest regulatory affairs and public policy initiatives that promote self-regulation, best practices, and industry standards, and possibly most exciting of all, you are also given the opportunity to become a speaker or moderator at large events, which bring together hundreds of industry peers. Being a part of a committee truly lets you directly influence the work we are doing to drive forward the future of our industry.

What’s involved? 

Each committee has a monthly conference call with a quarterly face-to-face meeting (when guidelines allow). The committee Chair and Vice-Chair lead each session, proactively involving members to get the very best from each meeting. The latest projects and outputs are discussed each month, giving members the opportunity to select the projects they wish to get involved in. Most committees will focus on two to three key projects each quarter, ranging from 101 guides and white papers to policy discussions and industry research. Those that contribute to outputs are always cited and included in subsequent PR or related events.

What Committees can I join?

Policy Committee – IAB Europe’s Policy Committee represents the interests of Europe’s digital marketing & advertising industry to ensure that future EU policy and regulation enables continuous innovation and sustainable media while maximising the industry’s potential to contribute to Europe’s digital economy.

Legal Committee – The Legal Committee brings together legal experts to help member companies and National IABs understand and assess the impact of EU legislation, European Court of Justice (CJEU) rulings, and enforcement by Data Protection Authorities (DPAs) as they pertain to digital advertising. It works to develop agreed interpretations of the law and compliance guidance to the market on key issues such as the definition of consent, legitimate interest, pseudonymization, verification for access requests, and other data subject rights, that can be promoted with key external stakeholders, including EU and local regulators, advertisers, and consumer associations. The Legal Committee is also involved in the preparation of IAB Europe responses and comments to EDPB and national guidelines, and other policy documents.

Programmatic Trading Committee – The Programmatic Trading Committee is a multi-stakeholder group that aims to increase understanding of the programmatic ecosystem and the impact it is having on digital advertising and influence industry initiatives to improve the ecosystem. 2022 is the year of sustainability, SSP Data best practices and preparing for a post third-party cookie world for this committee; if they are topics that grab your attention, we’d love to see you there!

Brand Advertising Committee – The mission of IAB Europe’s Brand Advertising Committee is to drive brand investment into digital by providing Brand Advertisers with a reliable and trusted Brand Advertising Framework for the converging digital and traditional media environment. The Framework is composed of a set of initiatives designed to be compatible with global programs. If ECommerce is a big focus for you in 2022, this is the committee for you.

Quality & Transparency Task Force – As the first branch of the Brand Advertising Committee, the Quality & Transparency Task Force aims to combat stakeholder quality and transparency concerns and address the challenges that the industry is facing in order to fuel consumer trust and brand investment in the digital advertising and marketing ecosystem. The members of this task force will be leading our well-known Trust and Transparency Month again this year, pushing out valuable disinformation guides, and exploring key issues such as climate change. 

Channels & Formats Task Force – As the second branch of the Brand Advertising Committee, the Channels & Formats Task Force aims to increase awareness and drive investment by providing best practices and guidance in emerging and established digital advertising channels and formats. Join this expert task force right now to contribute to a brand new Buyers Guide to ECommerce and an updated Buyers Guide to CTV.

Research Committee – The Research Committee provides strategic insight to drive digital advertising investment by overseeing and inputting to all of IAB Europe’s research activities and formulating an annual research plan. Version two of our Effectiveness Measurement Framework is in the research committee spotlight, alongside CTV/cross-screen measurement and key annual research projects such as the attitudes to programmatic advertising survey. 

Post Third-Party Cookie Task Force – This highly relevant task force is a joint IAB France and IAB Europe group, set up to help to shape the technical standards and the future paradigm that will redefine our industry. It brings European National IABs and their corporate members together to both promote “home-grown” European ideas, consolidate and submit feedback on proposals emanating from the W3C and Rearc, including the Chrome Privacy Sandbox. 

Providing users with choices that they can make with confidence based on information is the key to ensuring a fair and transparent advertising industry that can sustain the open internet we know today. 

Participation in the task force is open to all IAB Europe, IAB France, and other National IAB corporate members (even if those corporate members are not members of either IAB France or IAB Europe).

Technical Committee - Finally, we have the newest IAB Europe committee, created to ensure that work done by other committees and task forces, whether on the policy & legal compliance side or the industry promotion side, is grounded in a thorough understanding of the technology that underpins digital advertising delivery. The Technical Committee is a forum for information exchange and technical projects, discussing how new technology trends in data processing, ad delivery, measurement, brand safety, ad fraud, ad serving and the whole programmatic ecosystem are affecting, and are expected to affect, the digital advertising business in our region and IAB Europe’s ability to support the industry to address the needs of consumers, clients and regulators.

Participants should be technologists or software engineers, or others in a technical role within agencies, ad tech companies and publishers.

There is no limit on the number of committees you can join, so you can be as involved as you wish. For more information on any of our committees and/or task forces, please reach out to the team via communication@iabeurope.eu

We hope to see you in a committee meeting soon!

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