Welcome Back! Include Our Committees in Your 2023 New Year's Resolution!

  Welcome back and hello to 2023! Last year, IAB Europe’s committees and task forces produced some incredible outputs including […]


Welcome back and hello to 2023!

Last year, IAB Europe’s committees and task forces produced some incredible outputs including key Guides to Ecommerce and Identity, insightful research and whitepapers and the latest policy updates for the industry. 

This year we have exciting work ahead, including key focuses on channels and formats, such as  In-Gaming, DOOH, and omnichannel, as well as a continuation of all of the great and essential policy work we have achieved to date. We will also be diving into topics such as The Attention Economy, Data and Ethics, and Brand Safety to name a few. 

Our new Sustainability and Retail Media groups will also be working on important research and definitions, metrics and measurement, as well as delving into how best to support the industry in these key areas. For this and so much more get involved today! 

We have a range of committees and taskforces that every IAB Europe member can join. Below, we’ve put together a summary of our committees so you have all the information you need to sign up today!

Why join a Committee?

Being a part of a committee will help you to expand your knowledge, network and provide valuable education and guidance to the wider community. You can stay up to date on the latest regulatory affairs and public policy initiatives that promote self-regulation, best practice and industry standards. Most of our committees organise events so you have the opportunity to become a speaker or moderator at large events which bring together hundreds of industry peers. Finally, being a part of a committee means you can influence the work we are doing to drive forward the future of our industry.

What’s involved? 

Each committee has a monthly conference call with a quarterly face to face meeting. The committee Chair and Vice-Chair lead each session and proactively involve members to get the very best from each meeting. The latest projects and outputs will be discussed so members can decide what they’d like to get involved with and work on. Most committees will focus on two to three key projects each quarter which could range from producing a white paper or discussing the latest policy situation to conducting industry research and market insights. For any output you are involved with, you and your company will be cited in the report and have the opportunity to be involved in subsequent PR or events.

What Committees can I join?

Please see below for an overview on the committees you can join.

  • Policy Committee – IAB Europe’s Policy Committee represents the interests of Europe’s digital marketing & advertising industry to ensure that future EU policy and regulation enables continuing innovation and sustainable media, while maximising the industry’s potential to contribute to Europe’s digital economy.
  • Programmatic Trading Committee – The Programmatic Trading Committee is a multi-stakeholder group which aims to increase understanding of the programmatic ecosystem and the impact it is having on digital advertising and influence industry initiatives to improve the ecosystem.
  • Brand Advertising Committee – The mission of IAB Europe’s Brand Advertising Committee is to drive brand investment into digital by providing Brand Advertisers with a reliable and trusted Brand Advertising Framework for the converging digital and traditional media environment. The Framework is composed of a set of initiatives designed to be compatible with global programmes.
  • Research Committee – The Research Committee provides strategic insight to drive digital advertising investment by overseeing and inputting to all of IAB Europe’s research activities and formulating an annual research plan.
  • Sustainability Standards Committee - The Sustainability Standards Committee will bring the industry together to create new standards for the delivery of digital advertising. These standards will help and direct all industry participants to reduce the amount of energy consumed and carbon emissions produced through their use of digital media. To tackle these numbers, the committee will produce a ‘Green Media standard’ which is composed of practical and measurable steps that participants can implement to decarbonise their digital media. 
  • Retail Media Working Group - Retail Media Working Group will bring stakeholders from across this exciting space together in order to enable collaborative conversations, provide education and insights and create recommendations and standards to shape and define this new exciting advertising space.
  • TCF Steering Group - The IAB Europe Transparency and Consent Framework (TCF) is the only GDPR consent solution built by the industry for the industry, creating a true industry-standard approach. The TCF Steering Group was created as an advisory group, holding IAB Europe as the managing organisation (MO) of the TCF, to account for the delivery of policies that will adhere to GDPR requirements. IAB Europe members who are members of the TCF are eligible to join this group which has several working groups to discuss policy, framework signals and DPA outreach. 

For more details on the committees with details on the Chairs, work-plans and contact details, please click here.

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