The Rise of Social Commerce and How to Tap Into it with TikTok

The world of commerce is changing at high speed. Accelerated by shifting consumer habits during the pandemic, a nuclear explosion […]

The world of commerce is changing at high speed. Accelerated by shifting consumer habits during the pandemic, a nuclear explosion has sparked for the digital commerce landscape. 

As habits changed, a rapid uptake of commerce solutions emerged. Faced with not being able to leave home, consumers increasingly adopted eCommerce to facilitate their shopping needs and more and more brands started to turn to and tap into this valuable channel. The once distinct worlds of brick and mortar and online merged allowing consumers to seamlessly change environments and shop with ease. 

There is now a vast frictionlessness in the way people can buy things, with new technology removing the obstacles of exploring goods, buying and enquiring about them, without having to be in a physical store. 

Social commerce is a rapid expansion of this already booming eCommerce landscape. Where the content and products now travel with the consumer, the social aspect, in this environment, has the ability to manifest conversations around the product and the transaction, in a fun and engaging way. And all in one place. 

To further explore commerce, the rise of social commerce, and the opportunities it presents for brands, we’ve partnered with TikTok along with GroupM and Shopify to discuss commerce in more detail and to look at where this growing trend is headed.

In a series of short videos, produced by TikTok, you can hear from key stakeholders including:

  • Daniel Knapp, Chief Economist, IAB Europe
  • Ryan Martin, PMO, TikTok & Chair of IAB Europe’s Brand Advertising Committee
  • Michelle Kagel, PSO Commerce Specialist, TikTok
  • Nilam Atodaria, Global Product Director, GroupM
  • Aoife Dowling, Head of Agency Partnerships, EMEA, Shopify

Watch the videos here

Keen to learn more?

If you want to dive into commerce deeper, why not join IAB Europe and TikTok 15:00 CET on 28th September for an exclusive Industry Insider webinar as thought leaders from across the industry will join a panel to discuss their thoughts on the past, present, and future of commerce, and the opportunities this presents for marketers.

Find out more and register here to secure your free space. 

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