Changes to privacy regulations, the disappearance of the third-party cookie, advances in multi-screen programmatic technology, and an increasingly fragmented digital advertising ecosystem mean that advertisers must constantly develop new strategies to connect with consumers.

Programmatic advertising continues to deliver greater efficiencies in digital media buying. However, as the online population and volume of content continue to grow, supply paths are becoming increasingly complex and difficult to control.

Media buyers are advancing their strategies with auction packages that bridge the gaps in current programmatic buying methods and add significant value. There is an emphasis on testing multiple audience addressability strategies, leveraging first-party customer data, identifiers, and contextual targeting across a balanced mix of screen types.

PubMatic’s latest Media Buyer’s Guide explains how media buyers can tap into valuable data assets to build a scalable, privacy-centric audience strategy and create packages of curated inventory to prepare for a successful, sustainable future. 

In this guide you will discover:

Download the full guide here.

This paper demonstrates the vast amount of work being undertaken in Europe and beyond to build and ensure a sustainable future for digital advertising and marketing. There are both similarities and differences across all of these initiatives. It includes a summary of the work being undertaken in national markets such as quality certification schemes, guidelines and best practice guides.

The paper was updated in December 2021.

Ad fraud has been a persistent nuisance for ad tech and advertisers since the industry's inception. While it may paralyze some with fear, Adform believe that the best way to overcome a phobia is through acquiring the understanding, knowledge, and ability to confront the threat head-on. In this white paper Adform runs through different forms of ad fraud, while providing tactics and solutions for mitigating the threat of ad fraud.

Download white paper here.

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