27th April IAB Europe published an update to the In-Gaming guide first released in November 2018. In the last 18 months there have been tremendous developments within the industry. Access to buy via the open market, new formats and increased brand safety. 

Produced by the Brand Advertising Committee, it provides an overview of the opportunities for advertisers within In-Gaming. 

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Retail media competition is rising, and marketing organisations must continue to evolve their approaches and strategies to maintain performance in this growing channel.  Skai have spoken with their clients, prospects, and industry experts on this topic. Skai believe only by knowing where retail media is going can the industry develop the next generation of innovative technology to support practitioners’ efforts. The State of Retail Media 2023 provides a valuable snapshot of how practitioners approach the channel. Read this complimentary report to learn how industry experts are approaching retail media.

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PubMatic recently produced a new Insights & Attitudes report, in association with ExchangeWire, that explores how sellers of goods and services within Europe are interacting with commerce media. It looks into the core drivers and barriers to increasing commerce media investment, and how retailers are working with technology partners to capitalise on opportunities within the sector. 

To dive into the results further we held an Industry Insider with PubMatic on the 15th February where we discussed the findings of this research, and a panel of experts shared how they navigate the commerce media ecosystem and shared some predictions for the next 12 months.

Watch the recording here

Download PubMatics slides below


The objective of this research was to understand how marketers view the importance of attention measurement and potential benefits of adopting attention measurement. 

The research found that 91% of UK marketers think that attention measurement is important, while 83% said it is an important factor in reducing the environmental impact of digital ads.

Teads and CensusWide polled 100 senior UK marketers employed across a variety of sectors and found:

Click below to download the full report.

In this week’s member guest blog post we caught up with David Wayne, Senior HR Business Partner at DoubleVerify.  David discusses the importance of creating a positive employee experience and shares ways in which companies can maximise their efforts. Keep reading to learn more:


Employee experience is becoming an increasingly important topic in the business world. It's directly correlated to the improvement of profitability, revenue, and employee well-being. 

But the benefits of a positive employee experience extend beyond just the company's bottom line. Our people are our customers' most important assets, and a positive employee experience can lead to increased customer results. 

At DoubleVerify, we understand that the positive experience of our employees is not just a nice-to-have, it's a business imperative. A positive and supportive work environment is crucial for attracting and retaining top talent, and for fostering a culture of engagement and productivity.

So how can businesses improve their employee experience? To create a positive employee experience, organisations must create an environment and values that personally connect with the employee, where the intersection of the individual's passions, values, and skills meet the organisation's vision, identity, culture, and brand equity. 

Growth opportunities are important, as it's incumbent on organisations to help employees improve and grow with and from their work. Organisations must develop a platform to enable positive risk, develop a framework for mental resilience training and encourage conversations that always start with positive intent. Sense of belonging is also important because it helps employees feel connected to and valued by the organisations. 

The impacts of the COVID pandemic, global recession, social injustice, and rise of mental health issues, has caused employees to shift their mindset to become more open and look for positive collaborative experiences. To meet this new demand, organisations are shaping their values to reflect a "Growth Mindset" that embraces challenges and change.

A positive employee experience can also be driven by investing in employee well-being. At DoubleVerify, we have implemented a variety of initiatives to support the well-being of our employees. From offering flexible working arrangements, to providing access to mental health support and resources, to promoting a culture of work-life balance, we are committed to creating a positive and supportive work environment for our team.

We also understand the importance of employee engagement and have implemented regular surveys to measure employee satisfaction and engagement levels, to ensure that we are providing the best possible work environment for our team.

In conclusion, creating a positive employee experience is essential for attracting and retaining top talent, fostering a culture of engagement and productivity and ultimately driving business results. At DoubleVerify, we are committed to creating a positive employee experience and we 

and we encourage other businesses to make positive employee experiences a priority.



If You Miss It, You Miss Out: EBE 2023 Agenda Released

With the E-commerce Berlin Expo being just a month away, the agenda for the event has recently been released. The one-day event will be packed with informative talks, presentations, workshops and panel discussions from notable industry players. It already appears to be the best agenda for this event that has ever been released and implemented.

Insightful knowledge hub and great networking platform is here for you! And while it might sound like an event that happens every single year, it's 2023 that brings a lot of new, fresh air to this well-established Expo and Conference.

Five stages full of knowledge

The five stages at this year's event promise to deliver insight and entertainment in spades. With a huge multitude of presentations, discussions and demonstrations on offer, there's guaranteed something for everyone. The organizers strive to be the beacon of e-comm knowledge!

The agenda was put together in a very international spirit, but with a strong local factor, too. What also pleases the eye is gender diversification: out of 70 speakers, 30 of them are female.

Let's take a look at a few spots on the agenda – just to whet your appetite:

We could be listing presentations for days - the selection is simply too broad and diverse. Make sure to check out the full agenda on Expo website, as you don't want to miss out on any session. 

The full agenda is available here: https://ecommerceberlin.com/schedule.

Panel discussions are a valuable way to share information and gain insights – that’s why you’ll get quite a few of them served straight to your table this year.

Examples? Here you go!

You can learn what it's like to combine fan-based e-commerce with working with an admired brand and selling tickets in a chaotic market from the above. You'll find out what the Metaverse is, who created it, and how to become a part of it - and it's all worth the effort, as you’ll see. 


Creators of the Metaverse Fest sub-event


There's no time to get complacent, and the organizers work hard every year to surprise our audiences. As usual, this year is no different. 

During E-commerce Berlin Expo 2023, there will be a special program block dedicated to the Metaverse and how it can benefit your business.

Starting at 1:10 p.m., the Creators of the Metaverse crew will facilitate a series of talks and panels. Any time is a good time to visit their section in Hall 8!

Nothing like a panel discussion to round out this experience, right? There will be a very interesting discussion between representatives of the web3 community and Meta's representatives on stage!


Seeking more interactivity? Sign up for FREE Masterclasses

With the E-commerce Berlin Expo right around the corner, Hall 2 is going to be abuzz with Masterclasses. 

The organizers believe it is important to share knowledge for free, so the Masterclasses, along with the entire Conference, are free of charge. Simply choose the topic you're interested in and sign up on a special page to save your seat. 

There will be two tracks of five sessions each. If you come in crowds, the EBE crew will prepare more Masterclasses next year!

Space is limited, so make sure you reserve your spot today here: https://ecommerceberlin.com/masterclasses

See you in February


Leverage the opportunity to participate and deepen your knowledge of e-commerce: E-commerce Berlin Expo 2023 will be an amazing event that you won't want to miss!With five stages full of knowledge, Masterclasses to whet your appetite, and panel discussions, this agenda is packed with exciting topics and speakers that are sure to leave attendees with a much better understanding of e-commerce. It's a must-attend event for anyone interested in the e-commerce industry.

The EBE2023 is free to attend. Mark your calendars and book your tickets here: https://ecommerceberlin.com/visit

 Find out more about the E-commerce Berlin Expo 2023

The E-Commerce Berlin Expo will be taking place for the seventh time on the 23rd of February, 2023, at Station Berlin. Doors will open at 10 AM, and EBE2023 is expected to welcome more than 9,000 visitors. The annual fair has become a leading e-commerce event in Berlin with representatives from Google, Meta, YouTube, Zalando, Otto Group, Amazon and Alibaba Group as past participants. Learn more at https://ecommerceberlin.com 

For further questions, reach out on pr@ecommerceberlin.com


In this week’s member guest blog post we caught up with Julie Selman, SVP, Head of EMEA at Magnite. In this all-inclusive piece Julie looks at Sustainability, Privacy and Transparency. For more on what she expects from a year of ‘collaboration, innovation and transformation’ keep reading.

The new year is here and we’ve been busy at Magnite, excitedly looking forward to what we think is to come in 2023. 

The media and advertising landscape that we all navigate is ever-changing, so as part of eMpower 2023 with Magnite, I asked some of our EMEA experts to reveal their key predictions and offer some insight. 

A Greater Emphasis on Sustainability

There is a growing determination across our industry to make significant changes for the good of the planet. Over the next year, we expect to see a continuation and activation of initiatives that bring about greater awareness amongst brands and consumers. 

In 2023, consumers will place an even greater demand for the brands they love to operate more climate-consciously. There will be a stronger focus on putting ESG policies into action, enabling brands to align with consumers' expectations.

Finally, sustainability will become less intimidating as our knowledge increases, which will pave the way for significant and positive change in behaviours. 

Ad-Supported Streaming Becomes the Norm

Consumers are looking for ways to enjoy a wide variety of content while not taking on additional costs. This is clear from the sheer amount of consumers transitioning from paid-for streaming services to ad-supported ones.

Our MD, CTV in EMEA, Sam Wilson, says, ‘In the current environment, consumers don't want to give up watching quality content, but they are looking for ways to limit monthly outgoings. This shift will mean advertisers can find their audiences more easily in a premium environment in 2023.’

Sam believes 2023 will be the year of hybrid viewing. Media owners will offer more choice and flexibility through improving their ad offering, and audiences will have a wider variety of services and a better user experience. 

This transition opens a whole world of opportunities for sellers and buyers to reach audiences who were once unreachable programmatically. 

Transparency and Efficiency Will Remain Paramount

The industry is gaining a better understanding of Supply Path Optimisation and the value it brings, but there is still room to improve. 2023 will be a continuation of educating and implementation for agencies, clients and publishers.

By shifting the focus to transparency, and reducing tech partnerships to a carefully curated list,  Graeme Lynch, Head of Demand, EMEA, believes agencies and brands will benefit from more control of their own supply management.

‘A stronger emphasis on determining costs will mean an increase in clients wanting a more direct relationship with tech partners so they can drive efficient media buying,’ Graeme says.

Higher Focus on Privacy-Centric Products

The eventual deprecation of third-party cookies means the focus on finding alternatives to identity resolution is higher than ever. The development of solutions like Seller Defined Audiences (SDA) and Magnite Audience Segment, demonstrate meaningful growth in privacy-centric identity products. 

The industry has been talking about context for a while now, but with improved content classification, sessions can now be targeted with incredible detail, with reduced reliance on user data.

Pete Danks, VP of product, says, ‘I have two asks for the industry. Firstly, from the supply-side, lean into this tech. It’s important that we embrace it and work together. And for buyers, we need meaningful test budgets, because that’s what will drive success in 2023.’

There is plenty to look forward to in 2023. Sustainability will remain a top priority for the industry as a whole. The shift to ad-supported streaming services will continue, and the transparency that SPO brings will continue to benefit buyers. Finally, we can expect to see an increasing emphasis on privacy-centric products that put the power back in the hands of the publishers. 

Wishing you all a happy, healthy and successful 2023!

If you’d like to see the full library of eMpower 2023 predictions click here 


In this week’s member guest blog post we caught up with Andy Jones, Head of  UK Sales at Samsung Ads Europe. In this very exciting and informative piece Andy looks at the common misconceptions within CTV and uses his expertise to demystify these. 

In 1996, Bill Gates coined the phrase Content is King. It’s now clear just how right he was. The internet has changed everything - even the TV set.

Our TV experience is now made up of more than linear channel hopping - we go to different providers for different needs across smart TVs. Personally I use live TV for sports, YouTube for my fix of international news, Disney+ for family viewing and Samsung TV Plus for the variety of lean-back TV content. The market has changed so quickly that it is difficult for publishers, agencies and advertisers alike to keep their finger on the pulse.

At Mediatel’s The Future of TV Advertising Global event at the end of last year, I explored the current TV landscape, addressing misconceptions of TV advertising in the age of streaming.


Misconception #1 - There’s no quality content in CTV

AVOD and FAST channels do not yet have the same reputation among advertisers for high quality content. This is a competitive space. Amazon spent $432 million producing the blockbuster Rings of Power and forayed into live sports by securing rights to select Premier League matches.

But new FAST players are subverting the narrative. FAST, for those new to the concept, is Free Ad Supported Streaming TV: think scheduled content within streaming channels. Such services in Europe - which include Pluto TV and Rakuten TV - offer between 45 and 150 FAST channels across France, the UK, Germany, Italy and France. These countries have been our priority with our own FAST service Samsung TV Plus -  securing partnerships with regional broadcasters like Spain’s RTVE, allowing Spanish audiences to view La Liga matches and DAZN launching its first FAST channel exclusively for German Samsung TV Plus viewers, featuring exclusive live sporting content. FAST channels give audiences access to some of the most popular shows in the country for free. Our Samsung TV Plus service  gives Europeans free access to an exclusive catalogue of BBC programming including  giving French, German, Italian and Spanish audiences access to classic Doctor Who episodes. Alternatively, for the US TV lovers, Samsung TV Plus features America’s Got Talent and American Idol. Similarly, Pluto TV gives MTV fans the chance to enjoy some of its flagship programmes - such as Catfish: The TV Show and Teen Mom - nonstop.


Misconception #2 - It’s hard to manage ad frequency

With so many options for viewing content, advertisers are right to be cautious around the possibility of under- or overexposure. This is where the advanced targeting capabilities made possible via CTV come into play. Combining modelled data such as BARB with deterministic data, like Samsung Ads’ ACR data, advertisers get both a trend based holistic view of the market and target specific viewers who have not been exposed to campaigns via linear TV.

Innovation in programmatic on Connected TV (CTV) is continuously developing tools for improving the CTV experience for viewers and advertisers alike. The growing adoption of OpenRTB 2.6 is one example of the evolution, which likens the buying and selling of inventory to linear TV through ad podding. Podding allows publishers to deliver several ads in a single ad slot, mimicking the experience viewers are familiar with in linear TV ad break settings. It also allows advertisers to maximise ad revenue through queuing up a customisable sequence of the most relevant ads within a certain ad slot.

As more consumers make the shift away from linear to streamed content, incremental reach becomes an important tool. Eurovision exemplifies this shift. Youtube recorded a 50% YoY increase in the number of people enjoying the music through this platform in the 2022 competition compared to the previous year. Increasingly audiences are opting to stream the big ticket, live TV events rather than accessing them via traditional linear platforms.


Misconception #3 - The quality of the viewing experience is not the same as it is on linear.

Experiences are more streamlined on CTV.

The need for additional devices is declining rapidly. On Smart TVs, everything is built in the TV, for the TV. It’s like comparing a modern smartphone to a handset from the 90s - technology within TVs is more powerful than ever. Gone are the days of buffering and clunky experiences. Viewers have embraced streaming, and the simplicity of the technology in this space. And it will continue to be the job of the OEM or Operating System to aid user navigation and content discovery.

Bringing all content strands under the roof of one OS isn’t the same as linear - it actually makes it even easier and more convenient.


Misconception #4 - Ads on CTV are perceived differently to linear.

Some people believe that ads on CTV are perceived differently than those on linear channels. However, research has shown that advertising is generally viewed similarly across platforms.

We commissioned a study earlier this year with VERVE, to better understand viewers’ engagement with advertising across viewing platforms and understand if there was a difference across streaming vs linear across those five EU countries. The results showed that broadly viewers are just as likely to watch an ad on streaming vs linear – even a  little more likely to watch them on AVOD. 

Consumers appreciate the value exchange in viewing ads. A recent Seedtag report found 57% of  consumers in the EU5 are willing to watch ads in exchange for free content. In fact 58% of respondents to the survey would choose a hybrid or ad-supported model instead of a paid for service. The TV landscape is no exception.

Consumers today understand and are open to the value exchange of free content in exchange for ads, as long as those ads are relevant, which the data led approach of CTV advertising delivers.


Challenge assumptions

As an industry, we need to challenge and re-evaluate our own preconceptions.

Technology is changing the world quickly. Take the Qatar FIFA World Cup last year. The British broadcaster ITV reported its coverage was streamed 146 million times. This is 100 million more streams than the Russian FIFA World Cup in 2018. 

As Bill Gates predicted - content is king. But now we can see that data is the kingdom. The insights Smart TVs offer advertisers are shining a light on the reality of the CTV landscape - and empowering brands to get closer to audiences through these channels.




Vidmob's recent case study used Corona’s Free Range Humans campaign. This was an eight- part digital content series celebrating eight brave pioneers who left behind a conventional life indoors in pursuit of more fulfilling lives outside. Utilising content from this series within ads across YouTube and Facebook, Corona UK sought to drive increased awareness focusing on View Through rates as the core performance metric.

Download Vidmob's Case Study below.


Welcome back and hello to 2023!

Last year, IAB Europe’s committees and task forces produced some incredible outputs including key Guides to Ecommerce and Identity, insightful research and whitepapers and the latest policy updates for the industry. 

This year we have exciting work ahead, including key focuses on channels and formats, such as  In-Gaming, DOOH, and omnichannel, as well as a continuation of all of the great and essential policy work we have achieved to date. We will also be diving into topics such as The Attention Economy, Data and Ethics, and Brand Safety to name a few. 

Our new Sustainability and Retail Media groups will also be working on important research and definitions, metrics and measurement, as well as delving into how best to support the industry in these key areas. For this and so much more get involved today! 

We have a range of committees and taskforces that every IAB Europe member can join. Below, we’ve put together a summary of our committees so you have all the information you need to sign up today!

Why join a Committee?

Being a part of a committee will help you to expand your knowledge, network and provide valuable education and guidance to the wider community. You can stay up to date on the latest regulatory affairs and public policy initiatives that promote self-regulation, best practice and industry standards. Most of our committees organise events so you have the opportunity to become a speaker or moderator at large events which bring together hundreds of industry peers. Finally, being a part of a committee means you can influence the work we are doing to drive forward the future of our industry.

What’s involved? 

Each committee has a monthly conference call with a quarterly face to face meeting. The committee Chair and Vice-Chair lead each session and proactively involve members to get the very best from each meeting. The latest projects and outputs will be discussed so members can decide what they’d like to get involved with and work on. Most committees will focus on two to three key projects each quarter which could range from producing a white paper or discussing the latest policy situation to conducting industry research and market insights. For any output you are involved with, you and your company will be cited in the report and have the opportunity to be involved in subsequent PR or events.

What Committees can I join?

Please see below for an overview on the committees you can join.

For more details on the committees with details on the Chairs, work-plans and contact details, please click here.


With Christmas celebrations upon us and the new year fast approaching we look back at what an incredible year 2022 has been! In this blog, we celebrate all of IAB Europe’s best bits and all the great work we have accomplished with our wonderful members.  Before we ready ourselves for an action-packed 2023, we look back at everything we have achieved together and thank you for all your hard work, support and expertise.

Key stats

In 2022, IAB Europe ran over 40 events and webinars attracting nearly 5,500 attendees across the year, sharing information and knowledge within the industry. We worked with industry experts from across our membership to produce 9 guides on key topics such as In-Gaming, Identity and Ecommerce. We also worked with our members to deliver:



Interact 2022 - Driving the Next Digital Decade 

In May, we travelled to Madrid for our flagship event, Interact, to bring over 270 industry leaders together from across 22 nationalities for two days of keynote speeches, panel discussions and networking under the central theme of ‘Driving the Next Decade’. 


Virtual Programmatic Day

This event was brought together by industry experts and thought-leaders to explore the latest trends, drivers, and barriers impacting programmatic trading in Europe. Topics on the agenda included Identity and Privacy,CTV, Diversity and Inclusion, the future of programmatic, the ecosystem post cookies and more. This year we held two events, one is H1 & one in H2 which were attended by over 650 viewers.

State of the Nation 

The ‘State of the Nation’ is an exclusive digital advertising outlook, led by our Chief Economist, Daniel Knapp. In uncertain times, with added economic pressure, predictions are ever evolving. Daniel shared his latest outlooks for the industry detailing growth opportunities and the upcoming challenges the industry will face. 

Virtual CTV Day

Our bi-annual Virtual CTV Day was back again this year, the events featured a series of panel discussions and market deep dives from our member companies, and unpacked key topics on CTV. This year we held two events, one is H1 & one in H2 which were attended by over 300 viewers. 

Trust & Transparency Series

This September, we hosted a series of virtual events to discuss and debate trust and transparency in the digital advertising industry. The series discussed what’s currently being done and what needs to be done moving forward to ensure a sustainable future.

Network Next

Exclusively for leaders of National IABs from across Europe, Network Next aims to share best practices, discuss the latest industry trends and challenges and collaborate on future European-level initiatives and projects. In 2022 we held two events,  in Paris and in Sweden. 

Corporate Responsibility & Sustainability Event Series 

2022 was the year we took action and set up our Sustainability Standards committee and launched IAB Europe’s Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability in the European Digital Advertising Industry event series. A panel of industry experts joined our Chief Economist, Daniel Knapp to look at what’s next and how we can help combat the problem.


2)Industry Leading Research

AdEx Benchmark

IAB Europe’s AdEx Benchmark Report is the definitive guide to advertising expenditure in Europe covering 28 markets. The 2021 Report details the formats and channels that contributed to digital advertising’s annual growth of 30.5 percent in 2021, culminating in a total market value of €92bn.

Attitudes to Programmatic Advertising 

Our annual Attitudes to Programmatic Advertising study is an industry benchmark to show how programmatic advertising attitudes, adoption and strategies are evolving. The 2022 Report highlights trends such as an increase in the use of Programmatic Guaranteed, a shift in the type of data being used and CTV as key to the growth of Programmatic Advertising. 



The Retail Media Opportunity in Europe

To understand this exciting new advertising sector, we joined forces with Microsoft to survey over 800 buyers across Europe in Q4 2022 to understand their current experience leveraging retail media. More than 90% of advertisers surveyed said they are now partnering with retailers to reach consumers, proving that retail media is now an established part of the media plan. 

Buyers Survey on Digital Advertising Quality

New for 2022, this survey identified buyers’ digital advertising quality concerns and their attitudes towards industry standards for these concerns. The Report highlights that buyers are willing to pay more for premium, high quality and trusted inventory and that the majority prefer to spend their advertising budget with suppliers that adhere to industry standards in the area of quality.


3)Guides Authored by Industry Experts 

Updated Buyer’s Guide to CTV

Our Buyers Guide to CTV was originally written by experts from the Brand Advertising Committee in 2020. Since the CTV landscape in Europe continues to evolve, the Committee has provided updates to the Guide to ensure it continues to provide clarity to the often confusing advanced TV market and align all industry players on clear and concise pan-European definitions.

Channels & Formats Spotlight - One-Sheets

Our one-sheet’s provide a handy summary of the key opportunities, current challenges & solutions. So far we have created one for In-Game Advertising and one for CTV, with more to come in 2023. 







Guide to Ecommerce

Released in September, our  ‘Guide to Ecommerce for Digital Advertising’ provides an introduction to eCommerce and retail media advertising in Europe. The Guide, which is aimed at buyers, explores opportunities in this category,provides insights into how e-commerce works, available ad formats, considerations and best practices.

Guide to Identity - Technical Standards & Key Considerations

This short guide was developed by experts from our Programmatic Trading Committee to help publishers and buyers get to grips with some of the technical standards that need to be considered in the ID market. 


4)Policy, Advocacy and Legal 

Let’s talk policy! This year, we have continued our policy advocacy efforts, demonstrating the value of the industry with a view to contribute to discussions on relevant EU policy dossiers. 

The Digital Services Act (DSA) was front and centre in our policy programme over the past two years and that remained the case in 2022. Further to considerable investment in addressing misconceptions about targeted advertising, with initiatives such as the ‘No Easy Wins’ campaign, we welcomed the EU co-legislators’ political agreement on the DSA in April 2022. With the DSA being directly applicable across the European Union from 17 February 2024, the industry’s attention is shifting to compliance. As the European Commission and future national Digital Service Coordinators are in the process of shaping the DSA enforcement apparatus and designing ensuing secondary legislation, stakeholder engagement will be critical. We have declared our readiness to support industry players preparing to apply the DSA rules, and accordingly, have commenced a work track to ensure technical means to comply with Art. 26 transparency requirements.

The finalisation of the strengthened Code of Practice (CoP) on Disinformation, with us endorsing the CoP instrument in June 2022 constituted another important milestone. The industry has also been active on other files with expected impact on the digital advertising industry, which includes proposals for Political Ads Regulation, Data Act, Media Freedom Act, and ePrivacy Regulation. Our position papers can be consulted on our website here

In 2023, we will continue our active engagement in European Digital Policy. The scope will comprise efforts to support the industry with respect to relevant standardisation and guidance stemming from the DSA, as well as work on the aforementioned open EU dossiers, and policy approaches to Disinformation and Ads Misplacement. We will also pay attention to the Commission’s fitness check of EU consumer law on digital fairness, designed to determine if existing laws ensure a high level of protection in the digital environment, as it might have an impact on matters such as the so-called ‘dark patterns’, personalisation practices, or consumer vulnerabilities, and more generally, influence interpretation of the data protection laws. 

The complete Commission work programme 2023 can be consulted here


2023 - What’s on the Horizon?

As we look forward to 2023, you can expect lots more great content, insights and news from us. Alongside working to ensure the digital advertising industry becomes sustainable, we will be focused on topics such as The Attention Economy, Retail Media, Data and Ethics, Omnichannel and more.

We will also be hosting our annual Interact conference in Madrid on 23-24 May! Save the date and keep an eye out for more information on our website. 

So that rounds up 2022! A huge thank you to all of our members for getting involved in our initiatives this year and for helping to keep content engaging and thought provoking. 

If you are interested in joining IAB Europe, or are already a member and want to get more involved in our committees or task forces, outputs or content, please get in touch with the team at communication@iabeurope.eu 

We wish you all a wonderful festive period and a relaxing break. We look forward to working together and collaborating in the new year to drive the industry forward in 2023 and beyond! 

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