Another fascinating instalment of IAB Europe’s Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability in Digital Advertising Series for you to sink your teeth into!

Many companies in different sectors are already dealing with digital responsibility and digital ethics. New fields of action and best practices are constantly being added in this area and some companies even use CDR measures without calling them that or knowing it.

Against this background and in view of the rapidly growing relevance of CDR, it has become necessary to develop a uniform understanding of Corporate Digital Responsibility. The CDR Building Bloxx, developed within BVDW, therefore aims to create this practice-oriented framework that supports businesses, politics, science and society in developing a common understanding of CDR and uniform standards for its implementation in organisations in Germany and Europe. The Building Bloxx facilitate access to CDR for beginners and support advanced users in the successful development of their CDR activities.

To learn more, listen to the webinar in which a panel of experts, moderated by Beatriz Bilfinger, dove headfirst into the world of CDR.

Listen now, here!

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