The Great Debate – Trust & Transparency looked at new key areas of the digital advertising industry and how we can build Trust and Transparency into its DNA.

This year leading industry experts focused on sustainability and how we can use transparency to build trust through the supply chain, AI and how important Trust & Transparency is in this emerging area. We also looked at our annual Brand safety Poll and discussed the current state of Brand Safety.

You can watch the full event recording here and can find the individual session recordings below.

Panel 1 – Transparency into Sustainable Digital Advertising Processes

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Panel 2 – Building Trust in Future Innovations

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Panel 3 – Current Status of Brand Safety

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IAB Europe’s 2023 Brand Safety Poll results are here! 

IAB Europe’s Brand Advertising Committee conducted a survey in January 2023 to ask industry experts for their views on how brand safety has been tackled over the past 12 months and determine what action needs to happen in 2023.

Whilst there are lots of studies which look at consumer views, the Committee wanted to find out what is actually happening from the advertising industry experts.

The results highlight how seriously the industry is taking brand safety, and show how the ecosystem has changed in the last couple of years to place more emphasis on ensuring brand safe environments.

Key highlights:

To read the full report download below.

This Navigator demonstrates the vast amount of work being undertaken in Europe and beyond to build and ensure a sustainable future for digital advertising and marketing. There are both similarities and differences across all of these initiatives. It includes a summary of the work being undertaken in national markets such as quality certification schemes, guidelines and best practice guides.

The Navigator was updated in September 2022.

This new survey from IAB Europe identifies buyers’ digital advertising quality concerns and their attitudes towards industry standards for these concerns.

The survey found that buyers are willing to pay more for premium, high quality and trusted inventory and that the majority prefer to spend their advertising budget with suppliers that adhere to industry standards in the area of quality.

In September 2021, IAB Europe's released its Guide to Quality to help and support all stakeholders in the supply chain on being accountable and responsible for the reputation of digital advertising. 

As summarised in the Guide, there are various components to quality, and the priority of these will vary depending on each stakeholder. The guide looks at what makes a quality campaign from both a brand’s and consumer’s perspective by detailing best practices and practical examples for viewability, brand safety and suitability, ad fraud, campaign creativity and privacy and consent. The guide is a call for action that Quality is something that all stakeholders have to strive for. The guide starts by defining what quality is and details how it can be achieved. 

The guide was written by members of IAB Europe’s Quality & Transparency Taskforce. The Taskforce aims to combat stakeholder quality and transparency concerns and address the challenges that the industry is facing in order to fuel consumer trust and brand investment in the digital advertising and marketing ecosystem. Expert contributors included stakeholders from agencies, National IABs, verification companies and AdTech platforms including DoubleVerify, GroupM, IAB France, IAB Portugal, IAS, Magnite and Oracle Data Cloud. 

Read the press release here.

In May 2021, IAB Europe released its 'Guide to Brand Safety in CTV' to help stakeholders working in the CTV ecosystem maintain best practices and ensure brand-safe environments for advertisers. 

2021 is a pivotal year for CTV advertising. With more people staying indoors over the past year, consumer behaviour has shifted to enable CTV to skyrocket. But as with in any new or emerging channel, it is crucial that the industry takes measures to protect both audiences and advertisers within a CTV environment.

The guide draws on some of the key considerations to help the Digital Advertising industry navigate brand safety in the new CTV environment. It provides an overview of the brand safety and ad fraud market within CTV, highlighting best practices, solutions, and case studies.

Written by CTV experts from IAB Europe’s Quality & Transparency Taskforce including Comscore, DoubleVerify, FreeWheel, MediaMath, Rakuten Advertising, SpotX and IAB Tech Lab, the guide also looks at the future landscape and what the market needs to do in terms of standardisation, measurement, and transparency to fully support this emerging channel.

Download the guide below.

A big thank you to the following contributors:


Presented by Stevan Randjelovic, Director, Brand Safety and Digital Risk, GroupM.

Webinar Overview: Brand safety is still top of the agenda, with 2020 bringing new complexities. These include how certain brand safety practices may inadvertently block major news publications and smaller ones with more diverse audiences – limiting who your campaigns reach. Moreover, with new legislation being introduced left and right, cookies crumbling and fake news grabbing the headlines, brand safety practice has never been more important. The risk is also shifting. Traditionally, brand safety risk was limited to digital—programmatic and social. Now, with established media digitizing and reinventing themselves, opportunities to improve brand safety practices are appearing across new avenues – audio, gaming, Digital Out-of-Home and Connected TV. But there is opportunity to be found with every obstacle. Featuring a short presentation of the Brand Safety Playbook for Marketers, followed by an industry panel of experts from gaming, audio and CTV.

Watch the webinar here

Access the GroupM Brand Safety playbook here

Webinar Slides

Many thanks to the expert panel: 



IAB Europe has launched this Guide to share background context on brand safety in Europe, pan-European definitions for brand safety and brand suitability with accompanying key considerations, best practices and case studies to help educate all stakeholders on ensuring brand safe environments.

The guide was developed by experts from IAB Europe’s Quality & Transparency Taskforce (a part of the Brand Advertising Committee). Formed in January 2020, the taskforce’s aim is to combat stakeholder quality and transparency concerns and address the challenges that the industry is facing in order to fuel consumer trust and brand investment in the digital advertising and marketing ecosystem. Following on from IAB Europe’s industry poll brand safety which demonstrated the need for more education and guidance, the taskforce agreed that their first priority was to address the need for harmonised pan-European brand safety and brand suitability definitions.

Thank you to the following people who contributed to the Guide:

Like most, the advertising industry is continuing to seek guidance on how best to navigate the unchartered waters faced due to COVID-19. As part of a fact based COVID-19 content series, IAB Europe is working with members to provide industry and consumer insights to help stakeholders better understand and navigate 2020 and beyond. In this webinar, Integral Ad Science explored the evolving advertising landscape drawing on some of their latest research, including:

Watch the recording here


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