This Navigator demonstrates the vast amount of work being undertaken in Europe and beyond to build and ensure a sustainable future for digital advertising and marketing. There are both similarities and differences across all of these initiatives. It includes a summary of the work being undertaken in national markets such as quality certification schemes, guidelines and best practice guides.

The Navigator was updated in September 2022.

This new survey from IAB Europe identifies buyers’ digital advertising quality concerns and their attitudes towards industry standards for these concerns.

The survey found that buyers are willing to pay more for premium, high quality and trusted inventory and that the majority prefer to spend their advertising budget with suppliers that adhere to industry standards in the area of quality.

DoubleVerify’s 2021 Global Insights Report uncovers actionable insights for advertisers to maximise impact on their media investment. In this report, they offer market-by-market analysis and the state of brand suitability, fraud, viewability, and performance from more than a trillion impressions, delivered in 80 markets, across 2,100+ brands.

 2021 Global Findings Include:

Download the report here!

In December 2020, IAB Europe released its 'Guide to Ad Fraud’, to help drive media quality and effectiveness in the digital advertising industry.

This guide has been developed by experts from IAB Europe’s Quality and Transparency Taskforce (a part of the Brand Advertising Committee). It defines specific types of fraud in digital advertising and outlines how verification companies work to combat new and emerging types of ad fraud across all channels. It also provides top tips for buyers and planners to prevent Ad Fraud in their next campaigns and serves as a call for action to the industry to follow best practices to tackle ad fraud. 

Brands in Europe are now spending around €4.7 billion on digital advertising, and they want to know that this significant investment isn’t squandered. But with the World Federation of Advertisers (WFA) estimating that by 2021 over $50 billion will be wasted annually on Ad Fraud, it is vital for all stakeholders to ensure they have the right preventive measures in place. A key part of the guide, therefore, focuses on the importance of rapid detection, which includes the stages of ad fraud detection that companies should follow.

It has been a collaborative effort to produce this European-level guide for Ad Fraud, with contributors including Integral Ad Science (IAS), DoubleVerify, Oracle Data Cloud, Group M, Pubmatic, and Publicis Media. Agora S.A also contributed their knowledge on behalf of IAB Poland. 

A big thank you to the following contributors:

View the guide hereIAB Europe Guide to Ad Fraud December 2020

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Ad fraud has been a persistent nuisance for ad tech and advertisers since the industry's inception. While it may paralyze some with fear, Adform believe that the best way to overcome a phobia is through acquiring the understanding, knowledge, and ability to confront the threat head-on. In this white paper Adform runs through different forms of ad fraud, while providing tactics and solutions for mitigating the threat of ad fraud.

Download white paper here.

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