On the 5th October we hosted a webinar in partnership with GroupM Nexus, where we dove into the fascinating world of Digital Audio Advertising. We explored the latest insights from our recently released report, 'The Evolution of Digital Audio Advertising'.

During this engaging session, we unveiled the key findings from the report, shedding light on the ever-evolving landscape of Digital Audio Advertising. We also drew key comparisons with our 2019 Programmatic Audio Advertising Report, developed in partnership with Xaxis to see how this exciting channel has developed.

Watch the recording here

In this webinar, we shone the spotlight on some of our trailblazing start-up members who shared some of the incredible work they are doing in local European markets.

Learn from the movers and shakers, as they unveil the cutting-edge ideas and technologies that are helping to drive the future of our industry.

Speakers include:

Watch the recording here

The Great Debate – Trust & Transparency looked at new key areas of the digital advertising industry and how we can build Trust and Transparency into its DNA.

This year leading industry experts focused on sustainability and how we can use transparency to build trust through the supply chain, AI and how important Trust & Transparency is in this emerging area. We also looked at our annual Brand safety Poll and discussed the current state of Brand Safety.

You can watch the full event recording here and can find the individual session recordings below.

Panel 1 – Transparency into Sustainable Digital Advertising Processes

Watch the session recording here



Panel 2 – Building Trust in Future Innovations

Watch the session recording here



Panel 3 – Current Status of Brand Safety

Watch the session recording here 



IAB Spain presents the 2nd Wave of the Digital Media Advertising Investment Study, sponsored by adjinn and Adevinta Spain and elaborated in collaboration with PwC.

This study, which IAB Spain has been carrying out annually since 2002, has as its main objective to provide the digital advertising industry with a trend report and investment figures.

Download the study here. 

In collaboration with the UK’s Competition & Markets Authority (CMA) on 12th September we hosted a webinar on Privacy Sandbox testing methods and proposed metrics. We looked into how results of testing will be used in the CMA’s assessment of the Privacy Sandbox changes. The CMA presented an overview of their testing framework alongside the relevant metrics and how companies can share their results with the CMA. This is a must watch session to hear from an independent body on their assessment of industry feedback and the next steps needed. 

If you were unable to attend the session or just wish to rewatch you can find the webinar recording here. The deck presented in the webinar is also available to download here.

Other useful resources discussed during the webinar:

The CMA encourages market participants to continue providing feedback and get in touch at privacysandbox@cma.gov.uk.

In this webinar held on 13th September, experts  from members of IAB Europe’s Retail Media Working Group gave an up to date view on the retail media market in Europe. The webinar drew on insights from IAB Europe’s recently released101 Guide to Retail Media  and explored the definition, how it is bought and sold, key measurement principles and how the industry can work together to develop standards. Experts then discussed IAB Europe’s  Retail Media Standards Survey results released September 2023. 

Watch the recording here

IMPACT+ is a technology company that enables brands, agencies, publishers & ad tech companies to measure and reduce the carbon impact of their digital advertising.

Based on their expertise, this white paper shares best practices so that you can take steps to make your digital advertising more sustainable.

Download the whitepaper here.

At the end of 2022, IAB Europe created a new Retail Media Working group to bring stakeholders from across the Retail Media ecosystem together to facilitate collaboration, provide education, insights, and create standards. 

Currently, however, there are no standards for Retail Media in existence, so the group set out to explore what should be tackled and prioritised in this area. 

To support this work, we recently conducted a survey to understand what is hindering further investment in this space and what areas are in need of standardisation, whether that be metrics or measurement or creative specifications. 

The survey attracted 110 respondents from across a range of European markets from both buy- and sell-side stakeholder groups.

Key findings include:

Download the survey results here

In a world driven by innovation and advancement, it's crucial to stay ahead of the curve. That's why our Retail Media Working Group has taken the lead in defining Retail Media and sharing key expertise in this new comprehensive 101 Guide to Retail Media. 

What is Retail Media?

Retail Media is rapidly reshaping the digital advertising landscape, and understanding its intricacies is paramount. This 101 Guide provides an extensive overview, breaking down on-site, off-site, and in-store definitions. These definitions, crafted in collaboration with National IABs across Europe, offer a clear understanding of the various dimensions of Retail Media.

Empowering Success Through Retail Media

Navigating the evolving digital advertising landscape can be challenging, but with this 101 Guide, you'll be equipped with the knowledge to thrive. Designed to empower both buyers and sellers, this guide provides a roadmap to making informed decisions that drive advertising success through Retail Media.

What to Expect:

Download the Guide today 


A huge thank you to all members of our Retail Media Working Group who contributed to the Guide:


Explore the latest advancements in the TCF v2.2 User Interface (UI). Watch these webinars where we are joined by CMP’s  for insightful demos and best practices as we look to help you seamlessly transition to the latest version of the TCF. The sessions conclude with audience Q&A.


Session 1 with Consentmanager, OneTrust and Sourcepoint. 


Watch the recording here


Session 2 with Didomi and Sibbo


Watch the recording here


Presentation decks can be downloaded below:

For Further information on TCF v2.2 please see our blog post Understanding the Transparency & Consent Framework v2.2 here

For FAQ on TCF Policies & Technical Updates (Updated July 2023) here


ID5 Prebid Analytics Module Reveals a CPM Increase of up to 365% for Publishers Leveraging Universal IDs

ID5 leveraged its recently launched Prebid Analytics Module, which utilises data from publishers using Prebid, to provide tangible insights into the value of universal identifiers. The data looks at the effects of using any ID across Europe, with regional breakdowns in the UK, France, Italy, Spain and Germany.

The analysis found that on average, publishers that use cookieless IDs can expect to increase average win CPM by up to 365%, increase bid density by up to 893% and decrease the percentage of no bids by up to -14% across cookieless environments. Download the full report below.


Download here


Advertisers and agencies want contextual targeting to deliver perfectly aligned ads on the freshest content. But most content has a short shelf life, becoming "old news" before it's even indexed.

New research from TPA Digital compared three leading contextual solutions (including Verve Group’s  Moments. AI™) by measuring content relevance and recency.

The takeaway? Marketers should set a higher bar for accuracy and freshness in their contextual campaigns. Click below to download the report.

Download here

IAB Europe has released an initialGuide to Improving Sustainable Business Decision-Making’ to assist businesses in the digital advertising ecosystem navigate the ever-evolving landscape of sustainability and responsible business practices. 

In recent times, terms such as ‘sustainable’, ‘green’, ‘net-zero’, and ‘carbon-neutral’ to describe technology, services, and products in the digital advertising industry have increased in traction making it increasingly important for businesses to understand the validity of such claims. 

With the rise of greenwashing practices, where false or misleading claims are made regarding environmental efforts, it is crucial for businesses to exercise due diligence when evaluating sustainability claims and when looking to choose the partners they wish to work with. Government regulators are also intensifying their focus on combating such practices, and businesses need to ensure that their decisions align with genuine sustainability goals.

The guide was written by members of IAB Europe’s Sustainability Standards Committee and offers valuable insights and practical tips to help organisations make more informed choices when looking to achieve sustainability in the digital advertising industry.

The guide will be further supported by the development of more in-depth business reports and playbooks and sustainability scorecards that will enable market participants to consider ESG factors as well as economic benefits. 

Key areas covered in the guide include tips and guidance on:

Download the guide here and check out the press release here.

A big thank you to the following contributors of this guide:


This report The Evolution of Digital Audio Advertising in Europe Report 2023, conducted in collaboration with GroupM Nexus, is packed with invaluable insights, offering a comprehensive overview of the current trends and investment strategies in the digital audio advertising landscape. Brace yourself for a glimpse into the promising future that this dynamic channel holds for marketers across Europe.

Download the report today and discover the key insights such as the below along with much more:

According to our findings, 65% of European buyers consider audio's ability to enhance wider media plans as the top driver for investment. This shows the critical role that digital audio advertising plays in the broader marketing mix, solidifying its position as a strategic tool for capturing audience attention.

The report reveals a remarkable surge in the interest surrounding digital audio advertising. An impressive two-thirds (66%) of media buyers surveyed expressed their intention to invest more in digital audio within the next 12 months. 

Our report identifies the key drivers behind the increased spending on digital audio advertising. The top three factors include incremental reach, innovative activation techniques such as dynamic creative ads optimisation (DCO), and improved targeting efficiencies. 


For an in-depth analysis of the current audio investment landscape, the key drivers behind advertisers, agencies and publishers, as well as the challenges they face, download the full  Evolution of Digital Audio Advertising Report here.

Now in its seventeenth year, The AdEx Benchmark study is the definitive guide to advertising expenditure in Europe with data collected across national markets to provide a total harmonised figure for Europe.
The Report reveals:
Read the press release here.
Watch the AdEx 2022 Report Video Highlights here.
Download the 2022 AdEx Full Report here.
Download the 2022 AdEx Infographic below


In the rapidly evolving landscape of digital advertising, it is crucial to have guidelines and standards in place to ensure a seamless and user-friendly experience across different formats and channels. The Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) is at the forefront of developing and providing these guidelines through its IAB Tech Lab. Below, IAB Europe has compiled a collection of the current guidelines for the different digital advertising formats and channels. 

In addition to format guidelines, at the end of this page is an overview of IAB Tech Lab’s technical guidelines. These technical standards and solutions were developed to support a healthy and sustainable digital media and advertising industry. This includes addressing consumer privacy and identity, advancing advanced TV, combatting ad fraud, and ensuring transparency and security within the supply chain.

By adhering to these guidelines, advertisers, publishers, and other stakeholders can enhance their digital advertising strategies, provide a seamless user experience, and build trust with their audiences.


IAB Ad Format Overview - Comprehensive guide for Digital Advertising

The IAB Tech Lab released the IAB New Ad Portfolio in July 2017. The New Ad Portfolio guidelines replaced all previous creative display guidelines for desktop and mobile—including rich media units, Universal Ad Package (UAP), and other ad units related guidance.It provides comprehensive recommendations of advertising experiences across diverse digital landscapes including websites, mobile apps, social media, communication, and messaging experiences as well as new digital experiences like virtual reality and augmented reality. It includes best practices and ad specifications for a range of creatives:

The guide also includes LEAN principles for user intent and use privacy that represent a guideline for a complex of Lightweight, Encrypted, AdChoices supported and Non – invasive advertising and express the following attributes: Respect, Control and Choice.

Since the publication back in 2017, an FAQ document has been created to include any new updates.  


Digital video and CTV

With the surge of growth in Connected Television (CTV) in recent years, In 2022, the IAB Tech produced an updated version of the Digital In-Stream Video and CTV Ad Formats guidelines to account for the growing use of CTV products as part of the video ad landscape. The specifications outlined in this document have been updated to support the growth of CTV in the digital video marketplace, as well as the advances of new technologies that have emerged. With cross-screen ad execution in mind, provisions have been made for various file types and video qualities.

Publishers should use these guidelines as a resource for providing creative submission requirements for video ads. Video Ad developers should use this document as a reference for baseline ad development specifications. Creative agencies, studios and video ad technologists, as well as video ad-serving partners should use this document as a reference for digital video ad specifications.


Digital Video In-Stream Ad Format Guidelines

The digital video marketplace includes platforms that extend to mobile, television, and an array of other technologies and devices. The specifications outlined below have been updated to support cross-screen ad execution, and provisions have been made for varied quality files that improve “intelligent” selection in vendor-served ads (3rd party) and server-side ad stitching practices. Supporting the need for high-quality video files has also been a key focus in this update. 

In order to simplify the digital video advertising buying and selling process, the Digital Video Committee of the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) has developed these guidelines and best practices for the most common current in-stream ad formats, including: Linear video ads; Non-linear video ads and Companion ads. There are three types of recommendations contained in this document for each ad format: Ad Format guidelines; Common creative submission recommendations and Additional best practices.


The Games and Esports Advertising Framework

In 2021, IAB worked with its members and industry partners from the UK, Europe and US to create a unified advertising framework for gaming and esports. The aim of this framework is to enable further growth of the gaming ad market in a sustainable and efficient way, ensuring that key terms are standardised and that there is shared understanding within the industry. 

The framework can be used by anyone who is currently buying, selling or looking to buy/sell gaming ad inventory. Its primary use will be for brands, agencies and publishers - who may not currently use gaming-related terms every day - but will increasingly need to communicate with one another as the gaming ad industry grows and becomes a more important part of their businesses. The framework is numerically coded and split into ‘user’ and ‘viewer’ categories, then via sub-categories. This enables you to quickly scan sub-category headings to identify terms that you are looking for. If you’re brand new to the gaming space, it may be useful to read through the entire framework to understand what options, categories and capabilities are available. If you have experience of the gaming ad market, specific terms are defined here which have been agreed upon to become common language for the space.


IAB Tech Lab - Technical Standards

IAB Tech Lab produces global technical standards and solutions to build and support a healthy and sustainable digital media and advertising industry.

Their key areas of focus are:

Here you can find their full suite of digital ad standards, initiatives and products mapped to their area of focus.



Throughout 2022 and into 2023, Teads and Lumen have been dedicated to expanding the existing body of research in the field of attention measurement. Both companies share the belief that continual proof points are essential for brand advertisers seeking to embrace attention-based metrics. Given the significant findings of the Lumen/PwC work referenced in the report, the importance of ongoing research in this domain cannot be overstated. Additionally, there is a desire to move beyond individual case studies and progress towards more comprehensive meta-learning. By replicating the same methodology over time and testing multiple campaigns, we can control for various factors such as target audiences, creative strategies, and seasonality. This approach enables us to gain a clearer understanding of the true impact of attention on outcomes. 

Download the report below


The global TV business is transforming and it’s thanks to the rapid growth of AVOD and FAST. In this whitepaper, Rakuten Advertising teamed up with partner SpringServe to understand why a compelling ad experience is key for optimal audience engagement.

Download Here


Aimed at advertisers, agencies and media trading teams, the Guide helps advertising professionals adopt more sustainable practices and reduce the environmental impact of programmatic advertising campaigns.

This best practice guide is a first step in an objective and humble attempt to provide practical solutions that we can all collectively implement. It will be updated on a regular basis in line with feedback and technical advances.

The guide proposes a series of recommendations grouped around 6 key principles :

Download Here


This one sheet provides a handy summary of the key benefits, current challenges & types of Audio Ads. For more information about Audio Advertising, check out IAB Europe’s Buyer’s Guide to Digital Audio.

Thank you to Fernando Aguado, Advertising Planner and Analyst at Triton Digital Spain for contributing to this One Sheet


Download Below

ID5, the market-leading identity provider for digital advertising, in partnership with global media agency Havas Media Group, enabled multinational telecommunications company, Telefónica, to reach audiences in cookieless environments and reduce CPA by 54% through ID5’s next-generation universal identifier.

Download the case study here to find out more 


In today's fragmented media landscape, it can be challenging to navigate the diverse platforms and formats required to effectively reach your target audience. However, AI-powered technologies offer a solution by bridging the gap between creative intuition and data-driven decision-making.

During this webinar, Jeremiah Zinger, Senior Partner Manager at VidMob, walked us through the techniques to leverage AI for marketing success. Watch and discover how AI can augment your creative decisions by translating performance ad data into actionable insights that positively impact your bottom line.

Plus it includes an exclusive fireside chat with Anthony Lamy, VP EMEA Client Partnerships at Vidmob, and Andrew Jude Rajanathan, Media & ROI Lead, EMEA at Johnson&Johnson who discuss real-world examples of how companies are harnessing the power of AI to turbocharge their creativity and drive exceptional performance.

Watch and discover:

Watch the recording here 

And download the deck below.

Download Skai's whitepaper below to learn guidelines for successful AI integration, considering potential pitfalls which also emphasise the importance of human oversight
Download here

IAB Spain has released its 'Ecommerce Study 2023'. This tenth edition of the study, led by the IAB Spain’s Ecommerce Commission, has been prepared by Elogia , and its main objective is to measure the evolution and main trends of the electronic commerce market in Spain. Check out the results below.

Download here


How do shoppers plan to spend this Amazon Prime Day? Check out Skai's recent infographic capturing responses from 1000 consumers on their spending intentions. 

Download Here


Epsilon surveyed 689 executives (471 retailers, 218 brands) across 12 countries to better understand brands and retailers perception of and approaches to retail media. In addition, the respondents shared what actions they have taken, or are planning to take, in their retail media strategies. From this data, they pulled insights and takeaways on brands' and retailers' thoughts and feelings about retail media you won't find anywhere else.

In the report, you'll learn:

Read more here and download the report below

IAB Europe and a panel of industry experts explore the latest industry buzzword.. Omnichannel in our recent webinar. Hear from our panel on what it is and what it’s not. They drill down to the realities of Omnichannel and discuss the journey the industry will have to embark on to deliver the true Omnichannel opportunity.



Watch the recording here

The "State of Digital UK 2023" report by Comscore provides valuable insights into the opportunity for businesses to gain a competitive edge in the UK's digital landscape. 

It unpacks the latest trends in cross-media measurement, with a focus on the growing importance of social media and how it is shaping marketing strategies and investment decisions.

Authored by Comscore’s Ira Xhelili, Senior Sales Director, and Toby Crisp, VP Client Insights, the report also addresses the key shifts in consumer behavior in 2023, particularly in light of rising inflation and the squeeze on the cost of living.

Highlights include: 

Download the report here



IAB Spain has released their 2023 Connected Television Study, the main objectives are to analyse the consumption habits and uses of Connected TV users and to measure the market and its evolution in Spain. This study, led by the IAB Spain Connected TV Commission, is sponsored by Samsung Ads and has been prepared in collaboration with Elogia .

As the report establishes, Connected TV continues to grow and has reached 31 million users in Spain, achieving greater penetration among females  (92%) and among Internet users between 35 and 54 years of age (94%). It also reveals that 6 out of 10 Internet users watch audiovisual content through their Smart TV. Set Top Box, Smartphone and Laptop follow as the most used devices to connect to Connected TV. It is consumed on average just over 2 hours a day (132 minutes) and is mostly done in company and looking for entertainment.

YouTube, Amazon Prime Video and Netflix are the most used digital platforms among Connected TV users. YouTube, Mitele and Pluto are positioned as the platforms where the most advertising is consumed. The main drivers for seeing more advertising on Connected Television are: enjoying a lower monthly subscription price, advertising not interrupting important broadcast moments and obtaining free services or physical gifts.

Download the Report Here



Mike’s UK launched a 2022 summer campaign to promote their Hard Seltzer line and sought to understand how the presentation of their different flavours, cue types and messaging impacted performance. VidMob ran a mid-campaign analysis to answer their creative curiosities and optimised the assets for the second half of the campaign.


Using Creative Analytics, VidMob uncovered new creative insights which were then applied to 12 optimised creatives that also adhered to Facebook’s best practices. Small changes generated significant performance lifts. 

Download below:


This guide to attention in digital marketing has been developed by experts from IAB Europe's Brand Advertising Committee as both an introduction to the topic and as a means of sparking wider industry debate around how attention measurement should develop over the next few years.

Still a nascent field, this guide provides an overview of what attention is in digital advertising and why attention measurement is gaining interest now. The guide also reports a suggested framework for measuring attention and outlines implementation best practices, as well as case studies from real-world deployments of attention measurement tools.

In short, this guide attempts to answer key questions brands are currently asking about attention measurement including:


A big thank you to our contributors for helping with this Guide:


Download below:


On the 9th May IAB Europe brought together a panel of experts from its Brand Advertising Committee to discuss our recently released updated Guide to In-Gaming and advertising within In-Gaming environments in Europe. 

This webinar explored the key opportunities, challenges, and innovations in this nuanced advertising space. We heard from digital advertising experts on how In-Gaming is developing and how brands can take advantage of this emerging channel.



Watch the recording here


IAB Spain has presented their '2023 Social Media Study', sponsored by Epsilon Technologies and Wuolah, and developed in collaboration with Elogia.

The report analyses the evolution of social media effectiveness, user profiles, advertising saturation levels and brand engagement to name a few. This study has been presented annually since 2009 and has become a reference for our industry. 

Here are some of its key findings:

These findings provide valuable insights into the current state of social media usage, user behaviour, and brand engagement, highlighting the continued influence of these platforms in our daily lives.


Download the report here


Preparing for the cookieless future is top of mind for all marketers. But more and more advertisers across the globe are becoming aware of the missed opportunity that cookieless browsers present today. In ID5’s State of Digital Identity 2022 report, it was found that 69% of advertiser respondents want to be able to reach cookieless audiences today, and 87% believe they are missing out on the opportunity of doing so.

In response to increasingly unaddressable environments, universal identifiers (UIDs) have proven themselves as one of the top alternatives to third-party cookies and MAIDs. Universal IDs are alternative identifiers that enable user-level identification across websites and platforms without third-party cookies. They optimise the number of addressable users and enable campaign strategies such as targeting and measurement, benefiting both the buyers and sellers of data-driven digital advertising.

In ID5’s State of Digital Identity 2022 report, first-party universal identifiers took the top spot as the most favoured solution to replace third-party cookies above all other options, with 38% of respondents opting for this alternative.

For advertisers, universal IDs are a valuable asset to consider. These solutions can unlock the ability to increase ROI, reach more users, and deliver campaign objectives across both cookie-based and cookieless environments. Ultimately, they replace the capabilities that cookies have been used for in a privacy-compliant way.

Yet, with over 40 identifiers trying to establish themselves as valid alternatives - understanding the difference between IDs and their effectiveness is key to prioritising what to test and, eventually, adopt.

Learn about the essential criteria for evaluating universal identifiers and the pathways you can take to leverage these solutions via ID5’s new guide: Unlocking the value of cookieless: a brand's guide to leveraging universal IDs.


Click here to download the guide now.


In order to respond to the changes and needs of the market, while continuing to help players in the online ecosystem comply with certain requirements of the ePrivacy Directive and the General Data Protection Regulation (“GDPR”), the Transparency and Consent Framework needs to be updated on a regular basis. In particular, constant evolutions in case law as well as in guidelines of Data Protection Authorities (DPAs) place ever higher demands on market participants in terms of data protection requirements. The TCF instances have therefore drawn inspiration from them to bring some new iterations to the Framework, including some changes related to the Action Plan that was submitted to and validated by the Belgian Data Protection Authority (more information here). 

These new iterations will be released as part of the Transparency & Consent Framework v2.2 in the next few weeks, and TCF participants will have until the end of Q3 2023 to make the necessary changes to their respective implementations. All iterations have been developed to avoid breaking changes to the existing v2.1 Technical Specifications and facilitate adoption in a timely manner by CMPs and Vendors.

In the run up to the launch of TCF v2.2, IAB Europe will publish background material and host a series of webinars to offer full support and guidance to CMPs, Vendors and Publishers. Registration links can be found below.


Session 1: Overview of the main differences between the TCF policy 3.5 & 4.0

Thursday 20th April| 15:00 CET  – Register here

An overview of the main differences in policies between v2.1 & v2.2. This session is for all TCF stakeholders.


Register Here 


Session 2: Overview of the changes to the TCF technical specifications between v2.1 & v2.2

Thursday 20th April| 16:00 CET  – Register here

An overview of the changes to the TCF technical specifications between v2.1 & v2.2. This session is to help CMPs and Vendors navigate the different technical resources.


Register here


Discover this textbook (around 100 pages) on Supply Chain by David Bauckmann of IAB Czech Republic (SPIR). This book is free to download in PDF for all IAB Europe members. All you have to do is go to the website and fill in the registration form with the code ‘IAB’. You will then receive an email with the link to download the book. Check it out below.

Download Here


On the 30th March IAB Europe bought together a panel of experts from its Programmatic Trading Committee to discuss advertising within Premium Video environments in Europe. The panel explored what constitutes Premium Video, dove into the challenges of cross-channel and platform measurement, and shared their thoughts on what to consider when looking to buy Premium Video ads programmatically. 

This is a must-watch for anyone wanting to explore the programmatic advertising opportunities of Premium Video in Europe today. 



Watch the session recording here

IAB Spain has released their Guide on Data Efficiency, sponsored by GroupM and prepared by one of the working groups of the IAB Spain's Data Commission. As the guide establishes, measuring the effectiveness of the use of data in online marketing campaigns is a key process to determine the success, impact and scope and to determine what works and what does not in advertising strategies. Digital advertising based on data is essential to boost short-term metrics. By collecting and analysing data about user interactions with their websites, advertisements, and other marketing activities, industry professionals can identify patterns and trends that allow them to improve their strategies and increase their return on investment. To see the full guide download below.

Download here

Looking for simple explanations on different industry topics, challenges and emerging trends from those most in the know? 

‘IAB Europe Explains’ video series brings together industry experts from across our membership to provide overviews and explanations that will help you make sense of the latest topics and trends in our ever evolving and changing ecosystem. 

From the latest Economic Outlook to Retail Media, Sustainability, Disinformation and more, find out everything you need to know in our video series below: 

The videos are between 5 to 15 minutes long, so sit back, grab a coffee and become an industry expert in no time.

Magnite's latest research study, “Streaming TV’s New Era: How Ads Are Powering Streaming’s Future in the EU5” finds that streaming TV, which comprises television content streamed via the internet on any device, is now the most-watched form of TV across the region and delves into how consumer attitudes and viewing habits are reshaping the streaming landscape in the UK, France, Germany, Spain and Italy.

As streaming offerings expand in line with rising viewership, the study finds the majority of viewers prefer ad-supported options, and 82% watch some form of ad-supported content, with 78% watching internet-delivered content across multiple devices.

Key findings from Magnite’s study include:

To explore additional insights, please click here.

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