MIXX Awards Europe 2023 - Meet The Chair of the Jury; Eddie Adedeji

  The MIXX Awards Europe recognise and celebrate the best digital advertising campaigns in Europe.  The winners will be celebrated […]
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The MIXX Awards Europe recognise and celebrate the best digital advertising campaigns in Europe.  The winners will be celebrated at IAB Europe’s flagship event, Interact on 23rd-24th May, in Madrid.

Meet our MIXX Awards Europe Jury Chair, Eddie Adedeji.

Eddie is Global Trading & Investment Lead PMX Investment Managing Partner at Publicis. He has over 20 years of media experience, Eddie has worked across a wide range of clients and categories at a national, regional & global level. Outside of work, Eddie lives his life through the eyes of his 2 two daughters and the footballing skills of his son (a fellow long-suffering Newcastle United fan)

We caught up with Eddie to get his thoughts on our 2023 MIXX Awards Europe competition.

Q. What are you most excited to see in the 2023 MIXX Awards Europe competition?

I’m always excited to see entries across all categories of the competition – from big brand, multi-market executions to local, performance executions – it  always surprises me to see the innovation right across the board. I think that the new Sustainability and Retail Media categories should be really interesting and I expect to see a real diversity not just in some of the challenges but how the entrants have developed and executed solutions in this space.

Q. After judging the awards last year, what made you want to get involved again?

All too often, we get locked into the ‘delivery’ of the day-to-day and have to really work hard to create the time to stop, take stock of what we have done and recognise good work. Being part of the panel, you get exposure to the very best of what we do as an industry and when looking at some of the winners, that work can be truly inspirational.

Q. In your opinion, why should people consider entering?

I think that if every piece of work was created with the mindset of , ‘How do I make this work award winning?’ and built campaigns with that clear focus on being able to articulate the key criteria that submissions are evaluated on (Strategy,  Execution, Media Results, Creative, Innovation and Business Results) then not only would that improve the output but I think that it would make the end-to-end process more rewarding. Entering allows you to understand how clients potentially are evaluating our work or even gives a great framework to challenge as you go through that process from brief to post campaign analysis for future campaigns. And just like judging the awards, entering the awards gives you that time to pause and reflect on your own work

Q. Given your expertise, what are you hoping to see from entries this year?

Our landscape only ever evolves to become more complex, more interconnected and more accountable via an ever expanding sea of data. I’m hoping that the best entries will be able to demonstrate how they have navigated this with a powerful, simple narrative grounded by robust results. This is really important for the categories that have multiple channels in the mix but even for specific-channel categories, I’m hoping it's clearly articulated or easy to intuit the roles of those campaigns in that broader, interconnected context.


Don’t miss the chance to get your work recognised at IAB Europe's awards on a European level. 

Key Dates

Early Bird Deadline Final Deadline Shortlist Announced Winners Announced
Friday 10th March Friday 14th April W/C 15th May 23rd May at Interact in Madrid 

New for 2023 - Outstanding Contribution Award!

This year we have launched a new Outstanding Contribution Award to recognise the talent that exists in our industry! This award is for a team or an individual who has demonstrated an outstanding contribution to the digital advertising industry over the last 12 months. Find out more about this new award here

Got a Great Research Project? Enter our IAB Europe Research Awards

IAB Europe’s 2023 Research Awards are also open for entries. These awards recognise and showcase the great European digital research projects and the contribution they have made to the development of the digital advertising industry. Find out more here

Entry Links

Enter now to inspire others, reward your team and gain pan-European recognition for your digital advertising campaigns or research projects.

MIXX Awards Europe Entry Link

IAB Europe Research Awards Entry Link

Outstanding Contribution Entry Link

Entry Checklist

We have created a checklist to help you make sure your entry is on track for entry by the 10th of March to get Early Bird entry prices. 

Download the entry notes and FAQs

Our entry notes contain all the rules and entry info you need for entering the awards, including the judging criteria. The MIXX Awards Europe entry notes can be found here and the IAB Europe Research Awards entry notes here. Our new Award, Outstanding Contribution Award entry notes here.

Plan your time

Make sure you have enough time to draft your submissions and get them reviewed before you submit them. Remember there are now less than 6 weeks until the final deadline.

Please get in touch if you think you might have any delays.

Consider all of the categories

Consider entering your work into multiple categories to get maximum visibility for your project or campaign. There is a discounted rate for entering additional categories!

Review the 2022 winning entries

Why not have a look at some of our winners from last year to inspire your entry? 

MIXX Awards Europe & Research  2022 winners

Ask the organisers

Get in touch with us via email if you have any questions:

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