IAB Europe’s Research Awards 2023 - Meet The Chair of the Jury; Kristanne Roberts

  The IAB Europe Research Awards recognise and showcase the great European digital research projects and the contribution they have […]


The IAB Europe Research Awards recognise and showcase the great European digital research projects and the contribution they have made to the development of the digital advertising industry.  The winners will be celebrated at IAB Europe’s flagship event, Interact on 23rd-24th May, in Madrid.


Meet our Research Awards Jury Chair, Kristanne Roberts 

Kristanne is a Product Management Director for Kantar. She has over 10 years’ experience in marketing, PR and research, managing global clients and measurement practices. In the last 9 years with Kantar Kristanne has held various roles from project management to sales, and is currently responsible for the development of media and creative solutions on Kantar’s automated research platform Kantar Marketplace.


We caught up with Kristanne to get her thoughts on our 2023 IAB Europe Research Awards  competition.


Q. After judging the awards in previous years, what made you want to get involved again?

 The awards are a great way to look back on the previous year and all the great work that has been done. It's a really positive thing to be involved in, and great to see so many teams wanting to share all of their hard work.

Sometimes it can feel like we are so focused as an industry on what's next, and how to improve, that we forget to take stock and celebrate what has been achieved. The IAB Research Awards are a great way to take that step back and celebrate with peers.

It's also really nice to be able to get together with the other judges, collaborate, and share views on the work submitted. It helps to promote conversation around best practices, and around new and emerging methodologies, to make sure we are focused on progress as an industry.


Q.What are you most excited to see in the 2023 IAB Europe Research Awards competition?

It's really exciting to see some of the new ways of thinking and approaches which come through each year, as well as some of the innovative campaigns which are measured.


Q.In your opinion, why should people consider entering?

The IAB Research Awards are a great platform for agencies and teams to showcase the hard work and expertise from the past year. The awards can provide industry recognition to the winners and runners up that the work achieved is best in class.


Q.Given your expertise, what are you hoping to see from entries this year?

It's always great to see the variety in the entries and the new and emerging methodologies. Mostly I'm hoping to see some entries which clearly show the value added by the research, and how brands have used the results to inform decision making. It's so important that we focus on the outcomes of the research, and don't get too caught up in the complex designs which may not have practical outcomes.


Don’t miss the chance to get your work recognised at IAB Europe's awards on a European level. 


Key Dates

Early Bird Deadline Final Deadline Shortlist Announced Winners Announced
Friday 17th March Friday 14th April W/C 15th May 23rd May at Interact in Madrid 


Entry Links

Enter now to inspire others, reward your team and gain pan-European recognition for your digital advertising campaigns or research projects.


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Outstanding Contribution Entry Link


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