IAB Europe Welcomes First Chair and Vice-Chair of the Sustainability Standards Committee

IAB Europe is pleased to announce the election of Arthur Millet, Director General, Alliance Digitale (IAB France) as the new […]

IAB Europe is pleased to announce the election of Arthur Millet, Director General, Alliance Digitale (IAB France) as the new Chair and Steffen Hubert, Associate Director & Sustainability Lead, ProSiebenSat.1 as the Vice-Chair of the Sustainability Standards Committee. The committee elected Arthur and Steffen in the most recent meeting on 8th March 2023. In their newly appointed roles, they will lead the new committee’s work to help reduce the amount of energy consumed and emissions produced by the delivery of digital advertising and will focus on the demand for ESG standards for the industry.

Representing IAB France, Arthur has extensive digital advertising experience and has been actively involved in the sustainability agenda for several years. Even more so since the French government published a new "Climate and Resilience Law” in August 2021, which obliges the advertising sector to respond to the challenges of the climate transition. Commenting on his newly appointed role and vision for the committee, Arthur said “I am grateful to be elected and trusted by fellow members to Chair the new Sustainability Standards Committee. The climate crisis is now impossible to ignore and with new and upcoming regulations coming into action it is imperative that the digital advertising industry acts to tackle key issues of sustainability. For over a year, IAB France has been working collectively with our members and other trade bodies to produce a common measurement framework, and I’m excited to bring this experience to the committee. We have a vital role to play as a committee and I look forward to working closely and collaboratively with the diverse members of this group to ensure we deliver key and valuable outputs that help to reduce the overall impact our industry has on the planet.”

Steffen Hubert represents the Seven.One Entertainment Group, a wholly owned subsidiary of ProSiebenSat.1 Media SE, and also brings great knowledge on the topic of Sustainability, having led and evolved ProSiebenSat.1´s well-established Corporate Sustainability Strategy into the digital advertising side of the business. Sharing how he will support Arthur in his role and the work of the committee, Steffen commented, “If the interfaces of the digital advertising industry are to meet high ecological, but also social and societal demands, there is still a lot of discussion and exchange required between all market participants. With the background of several years to accompany the sustainable transformation of a large publisher, I am well aware of many of the small hurdles and Gordian knots that need to be overcome. I am very grateful to be elected Vice Chair and looking forward to contributing my experience and to openly debating solutions.”

The Sustainability Standards Committee is a multi-stakeholder group that aims to bring the industry together to create new standards for the delivery of sustainable digital advertising. Both are active members of the Sustainability Standards Committee. Now, as Chair and Vice-Chair, they will help drive the agenda and create connections that enable all committee members to contribute their knowledge and expertise.

Information on the committee can be found here. For any members of IAB Europe that would like to get involved in the committee, please contact Lauren Wakefield – wakefield@iabeurope.eu

About Arthur Millet, Director General, Alliance Digitale (IAB France)

Arthur Millet is an expert in digital advertising. Since the early 2000s, Arthur Millet has mainly worked in the media world. He was notably the Director of Digital Advertising at Le Monde and for Amaury Media Group, and Managing Director of La Place Media, before becoming Director of Operations at Realytics (RTL Adconnect). He joined IAB France at the beginning of 2022 to take over the general management.

About Steffen Hubert, Associate Director & Sustainability Lead, ProSiebenSat.1

Steffen Hubert has spent his entire professional career in various facets of communication. The spectrum ranges from own copywriting & editing to political communication, to comprehensive media responsibility in the spirits industry, to the Seven.One Entertainment Group, where he has been employed for six years and has been anticipating the sustainability concerns and demands of the advertising market and translating them into business for years now.

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