IAB Europe Releases New Guide to In-App Advertising

Authored by Industry Leaders from Across Europe Provides Valuable Insights and Key Considerations for In-App Advertising 3rd February, Brussels, Belgium: […]

Authored by Industry Leaders from Across Europe

Provides Valuable Insights and Key Considerations for In-App Advertising

3rd February, Brussels, Belgium: IAB Europe, the leading European-level industry association for the digital and marketing ecosystem has today released its ‘Guide to In-App Advertising’ to provide an overview of the in-app marketplace, and the ad formats available. The guide also details key changes and challenges we are seeing in the industry with in-app advertising and shares key considerations for buyers in this space. 

In-App Advertising is an exciting growth area with Global ad spend reaching $295bn in 2021, providing many opportunities for advertisers today. But as with any new or emerging channel or format, there are still barriers to overcome, including some fundamental industry changes that are affecting digital advertising, such as Apple’s IDFA. The guide has been developed by members of IAB Europe’s Programmatic Trading Committee to help advertisers and publishers to understand the in-app opportunity, the key barriers that need to be addressed, and how to tap into its potential. 

Commenting on the role of in-app advertising in the digital ecosystem today, Nick Welch, Chair of IAB Europe’s Programmatic Trading Committee & Head of Programmatic and Publisher Development, Northern Europe, Integral Ad Science said, “With consumers now devoting a third of their waking time to apps all eyes are on the potential that in-app advertising can bring to the ecosystem. But as we move into 2022 and beyond, challenges such as consumer privacy will continue to play a more prominent role in ad targeting, with more support and collaboration needed from the industry to ensure the efficiency and effectiveness of in-app campaigns. The guide, written by experts from across the advertising ecosystem, highlights the evolution of, and opportunity for, in-app advertising and encourages the industry to come together to overcome key challenges, including Apple’s IDFA. We encourage all industry stakeholders to read this guide to help maximise the potential that in-app advertising brings.”

Reiterating this point and sharing the value of in-app advertising for brands, Anna Sikora, Client Services Partner, PubMatic said, “With consumers spending more time on their screens than ever before, marketers should focus on building the best possible mobile ad experience and offer formats that mobile users actually want to engage with. In 2021 we have seen more brands investing into the in-app channel, and research shows that shift will continue, with gaming now a central element of the briefs we see from brands.” 

Commenting on the value of in-app advertising for publishers, Benjamin Hancock, Global Head of Programmatic Trading at CNN International Commercial said, “In-app advertising has emerged as a key channel enabling publishers to expand their audience and solve a specific challenge around content delivery. In-app users tend to be more engaged with high levels of interaction, enabling high-quality and differentiated products for advertisers.  IAB Europe’s ‘Guide to In-App Advertising’, has been pulled together by a variety of industry experts, to provide a full rundown of the opportunities available today.”

It’s been a collaborative effort to produce this European-level industry guide for in-app Advertising, with contributors including the Coalition for Better Ads, CNN International Commercial, DoubleVerify, Google, Integral Ad Science (IAS), PubMatic and Smaato. 

The Guide to In-App Advertising can be downloaded from IAB Europe’s website here

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