IAB Europe Creates a New Sustainability Standards Committee

Unifying Industry Leaders from Across Europe To Establish a Set of Practical Standards to Help the Digital Advertising Industry with […]

Unifying Industry Leaders from Across Europe

To Establish a Set of Practical Standards to Help the Digital Advertising Industry with its Decarbonisation Journey.

21st September 2022, Brussels, Belgium: IAB Europe, the leading European-level industry association for the digital and marketing ecosystem has today announced the creation of its new Sustainability Standards Committee. The committee will bring the industry together to create new standards for the delivery of digital advertising. These standards will help and direct all industry participants to reduce the amount of energy consumed and carbon emissions produced through their use of digital media. 

Today, it’s estimated that the Internet’s overall environmental impact is around 2%-4% of global carbon emissions, with a typical ad campaign emitting around 5.4 tons of CO2. As the industry and wider society become increasingly aware of the climate crisis, and the impact that the internet and digital ads have on the environment, it has now become more important than ever to take responsibility and action. 

To tackle these numbers, the committee will produce a ‘Green Media standard’ which is composed of practical and measurable steps that participants can implement to decarbonise their digital media. 

The new committee is open to all IAB Europe members, including corporate companies and National IABs from across Europe. It will be led by Andrew Hayward-Wright, Programmatic & Sustainability Advisor for IAB Europe. 

IAB Europe’s Programmatic & Sustainability advisor, Andrew Hayward-Wright comments “Over the course of 2022 there has been a lot of activity and conversations around the Climate Crisis, the sustainability of digital advertising and its contribution to the global carbon footprint. The time to act is now, IAB Europe and its members are perfectly positioned to help create independent governance and standards around the delivery of digital advertising and its sustainability. In doing so we hope to help the digital advertising industry be accountable for its own emissions and one of the first industries as a whole to reach net zero.”

IAB Europe looks forward to leading this collaborative effort with the industry to create meaningful change and help guide the direction of the industry's sustainability for years to come. 

For members wishing to join the committee please sign up here. Organisations wanting to be involved in the committee who are not yet members of IAB Europe, please contact communication@iabeurope.eu 

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