A maioria dos eventos e debates do IAB Portugal são exclusivos para os nossos associados, ou em fóruns reservados. A maior parte do nosso trabalho acontece nos bastidores do mercado. Mas a nossa colaboração permanente com o IAB Europa abre-nos as portas a uma série de eventos europeus e globais, aos quais os nossos Associados têm acesso privilegiado

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The MarTech Summit

Tuesday 24th May 2022  | DX, Next Generation CX, Future Trends As digital adoption and innovation continue to shift consumer […]

The Crumble of Third-Party Cookies: How to Prepare in 2022

Join this virtual session, led by OneTurst, to learn how your organisation can leverage smart preference management to overcome the […]

Prioritizing Data Transparency: A Critical Ingredient in Trust, Loyalty & ROI

Data collection is essential to offering consumers a robust personalized experience — yet without clear value exchange, consumers are often […]

The Digital Services Act: What can we expect from the plenary session?

12th January | 11:00 CET - Register here The EU’s Digital Services Act (DSA) has been promised as a landmark piece of […]

IAB Tech Lab Talks CTV & Video Advertising – Growing With Standards – EU Edition

With the growth of streaming, Connected TV (CTV) has firmly established itself as a critical component of the digital media […]

IAB Europe Tech Lab Addressability Solutions Roadshow

Join the IAB Tech Lab for the first Addressability Solutions Roadshow of 2022! Hear a recap of the evolution of […]

That’s a Wrap! Check out the Highlights and Recordings from the Virtual Programmatic Day – H2 2022 Event

On 9th November, IAB Europe hosted the H2 2022 Virtual Programmatic Day, and with almost 700 people in attendance, it […]
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